Support a good cause

Hoo, golly. To be perfectly honest I forgot I had given myself this page. Many urgent and worthwhile causes have, in this year 2020, become even more urgent and worthwhile. If you can do it safely, please please PLEASE get involved with a local mutual aid network, join your local tenants' union if there is one, and engage in community organization in general. If you have the means of supporting Black Lives Matter causes and for some reason you haven't been doing so, what are you waiting for?

If you've seen the capybara shirts, then you've seen my endorsement of Kids in Need of Defense. These are the other organizations I considered donating the proceeds to: National Immigration Law Center, RAICES (but it seemed, I don't know, rude to raise money for Texas-focused RAICES by selling California merch).

I have this dream of eventually offering some more items on here, apparel or gadgets or something, and transparently giving all the proceeds to non-profit organizations doing good works. Stay tuned, I suppose.