Hi, it's me!

I'm Sam, a.k.a. Space Buck, a.k.a. Buck, and this is gonna be the all-ages version of my website! It's not done yet!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I'm a fursona! You can find me on Twitter (18+ only please), GitHub, or write to me at heyspacebuck at gmail dot com.

art by catboots!!
Sam (or Space Buck, or just Buck)
  • species: white-tailed deer
  • pronouns: he/him/his
  • internet usernames: space buck, space_buck, heyspacebuck
  • full real name: something unpronounceable and Baltic
  • age: early 30's
  • pastimes: hiking, gardening, electronic doodads
  • favorite music: Sparks, Devo, Presidents of the USA

I know that I'm a fursona, but that doesn't mean I can't have a fursona of my own!! My fursona is a big, serene capybara named Baker, sometimes called Captain Naps. (Is there such a thing as a capybara who isn't serene?)

this art is also by catboots!!
Baker <3 <3
  • species: capybara
  • pronouns: he/him/his
  • internet usernames: actually, trying to stay offline as much as possible
  • favorite music: Sleep, Fishbone, anything involving Mike Patton

Captain Naps has a fursona, too. It's the wug, from the wug test.